Trouser Fascism or The Wrong Trousers?

14 Jul

Apparently people are having their midlife crisis earlier and earlier. On a recent trip to Camden I had mine and ended up with a pair of trousers. While I admit they are a little unique they have caught the eye of Mr “Gok Wan” Trono who has declared them public enemy number one – seconded by Thomas. In the spirit of web democracy I’m putting it to the vote. Please support my trousers – they have a built in pencil case at the back.

You can vote below:

Trouser Fascism or The Wrong Trousers?
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One Response to “Trouser Fascism or The Wrong Trousers?”


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    […] TV ads and learn how interactive works” and while I may have mellowed a bit in my old age – the trousers might disagree – a lot of the interactive creatives I’ve been interviewing lately still rail against the […]

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