6. On is off/Off is on (2009 Trends)

20 Feb
  • Dirt cheap, lightening fast & “always on” internet. An unconnected device is odd, this offers a potential for a social element to be added to objects creating an “Internet of things”.
  • Flex, AIR and Silverlight, Google Docs & the new MS Office function on your desktop and on the web, this is an extension of the principle of Clouds & Crowds.
  • RFID makes physical products into communication channels. It enables Instant feedback about prices and sizes available/instant win/instant tracking. Objects become part of the internet and the technology is not expensive, Violet’s Mir:ror device is a great way to start experimenting without the need for a large R&D team. The objects themselves can be used to extend the implementation of the social periphery trend beyond traditional mobile devices by collecting data about their usage or movements. 
  • guiness_rfid2What can we do with the data that a connected object generates? It offers a potential for greater immersion in sports – where people love statistics – where the whole game and every movement can  be modeled and reported. This has already been implemented to leverage Guinness’ Rugby sponsorship.
  • If everything is connected and talking then the problem becomes one of digital noise and filtering. Could lead to the creation of an attention economy with “Switch-off” holidays recommended by your doctor (or girlfriend) if every device is connected.

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