Grok Institute launch – Digital Art, Light, Music and Video

26 Feb


Last Thursday Thomas and I managed to get down (or east from the wilds of Putney Bridge…) to Kingly Street for the launch of Grok Institute “a new-format event featuring forward thinking digital art, light installations, video and music”.

Basically it’s some interesting digital art stuff that is running between Feburary 19th and March 6th in the Carnaby street and Kingly street area.

If you’re in the area it’s well worth a look and there are other events coming up.

I was lucky to get an invite from our mate Carl Burgess, the talented chap behind More Soon and of Hi-Res fame. The good news is he’s working with us on an Orange project now and even more importantly he is a fellow SCUMM and Zak McKracken obsessive. Oh and our girlfriends know each other or something but that pales into insignificance in the face of SCUMM.

Anyway here’s some pics of Carl’s stuff at Grok – it reminded me of a modern interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci’s grotesque portraits from his sketchbooks. That could have been the beer.


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