Orange Drum Machine is Eyeblaster Campaign of the Month (No. 2!)

9 Mar


Orange Drum Machine

Orange Drum Machine

I’m pleased to say that our recent Drum Machine campaign for Orange has won us our second Eyeblaster Campaign of the month.

The challenge was to bring engagement and playfulness to direct response digital advertising making it more entertaining and memorable. The Orange Drum Machine campaign was based on the insight that Orange is offering a fantastic package for digital music fans. What can you do while waiting for your new Sony Ericsson W595 with free speakers AND a free USB drum kit to arrive?  Why not start practicing your drumming?

The creative, which targeted consumers on music and games related sites, challenged people to play an in-advertising drumming game and – because the Wii has transformed gaming from simply pushing ever-increasing numbers of buttons – we even offered people the chance to play using their webcam. The result is less a piece of advertising, more an engaging, entertaining application people get to star in. So get waving those arms.

Congratulations to Jim & Jacob for nursing the creative idea through to fruition, Matt and Andre for their great flash work (and Andre’s great demo that got me thinking) and Shirin, Amy, Priya and the Orange team for their production and trafficking skills. And some CD/Planner/whatever who had an idea was spotted nattering on the Eyeblaster Blog again about “Less advertising, more entertaining applications“.

Oh, and if you didn’t see our previous winner Emirates Miles Better it is here…

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