Cooking with hair straighteners and other hair abuse

24 Jun

What do I know about hair that isn’t a nostalgic memory? Well, thanks to Dove and Rob and co I now know a lot more. They’ve just put together these two short films for Dove Heat Defence Therapy to show what hair styling tools can do…and that includes cooking an egg…

and doing some serious damage to candyfloss….

These films are to support the launch of Dove’s new Heat Defence Therapy range and in addition there’s lots of other films and stuff on featuring hairdresser Jamie Brooks and some nice styling advice I can probably skip.

They’re not the first films we’ve done for Dove. In January we worked with British film maker Pinny Grylls to produce Intuition, a film short exploring womens’ first impressions of each other.

To inspire women to broaden their judgements of each other, the film shows how women will rightly or wrongly make assumptions about a person’s life. It’s a must-see if you’ve ever wondered how our looks can affect our lives and the way we react to others. If you missed it the first time around on the Dove website you can see it below.

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