Social media campaign diagram

12 Aug

I’ve been working on a series of social media/earned media/real world web campaign strategies recently and thought I’d take a load of different diagrams and best practice approach slides and combine them into one social media campaign overview diagram.

Anyway, in the spirit of sharing here it is. If you’ve any ideas about bits I’ve missed let me know in the comments so I can tweak it.


7 Responses to “Social media campaign diagram”

  1. domjw August 18, 2009 at 3:31 pm #

    David, that’s a nice- and useful – diagram to explain a discrete social media campaign. A question: how do you see this working for integrated campaigns that begin in TV, print or other traditional worlds and then need a social component tagged on?

    Also, I personally think that while campaign models are still relevant, we need to move towards an approach which is more like a life long relationship than a one night stand.


    • davidjcarr August 27, 2009 at 10:34 am #

      Thanks, Dominic. I totally agree that a continuous approach is vital – indeed I think it is the essence of what social or earned media is about.

      When diagraming the experience architecture for a larger integrated campaign I tend to use a reduced/simplified version of this diagram as a particular flow within the core interaction region of the various activities, usually in parallel with any “marketing web” style activities (client-web platforms or – god forbid – microsites).

      To me this is an argument about the importance of the real web, where real people continuously are, versus the diversions and interruptions that often short term marketing campaigns try to impose upon them.

      This real web is the new reality that we need to accept and move on from and actually even the concept of “social media” is in some ways stopping this.

      I think the problem is that once again we have allowed a useful encapsulation term – social media. networking, UGC or earned media etc. – that we can use to explain a philosophy to clients to hijack the agenda. By giving it a label we have encouraged people to think of it as a channel.

      Just like no-one thinks we are operating in a world of “new media” any more, we should stop thinking we are operating in a channel/sector called social media.

      It is just the reality of interactive experience. It is what real people are doing now. It is always on and once you start you can’t put your fingers in your ears and stop.


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