Milky Bars are on me, now draw!

21 Apr

iPhone Screenshot 2

Chocolate has changed a bit since my childhood. It’s got pretentious (72.3% Organic coca with crushed bettlenut from only the left hand side of the fair-trade field anyone?), samey (Fruit, Nuts, Caramel, whatever) and overcomplicated (So I need to decide whether I’m a Spot or a what? Enter a code, post a picture, join a crusade? I just want to eat a bar of it).

Remember when it was just fun?

Chocolate is tasty and fun. Anyway that’s where this little toy comes from

Today JWT London launched ‘The Milkybar Showdown’, a fun iPhone wild west style showdown that you play across 2 connected iPhones. You can get it here: Milkybar Showdown

You have to be quick on the draw to beat your opponents. This increases the bounty on your head and sets you on your way to becoming a Milkybar legend.

Trufax: I was once mistaken for the Milkybar kid.

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