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Why does video seem longer on different devices?

1 Feb

A General (Media) Theory of Relativity or video seems longer on different devices

If you’ve ever shown someone a “hilarious” video clip you’ve just watched, you may have felt that nagging sensation. The “seriously this is great, honest, the good bit is coming up, god this is dragging, I swear it was over by now last time” Effect.

That quick 30 second viral suddenly seems like a James Cameron epic (maybe with more plot and characterisation but still soooo long).

I’ve always referenced this weird effect when asked that immortal question during almost every briefing: “how long can this be?”

Maybe the context and the device being used should dictate length more than any 60/30/15 second rule or the “it can be as long as it is interesting” statement? While standing at a train station trying to download and watch a YouTube clip on your phone it is amazing how long 11 seconds of a cat attacking a potato can seem.

Anyway rather than explain my theory every time I put together a quick diagram lovingly ripped off from an obscure physics theory no one has ever heard of…


JWT Business Card powered by Blippar

2 Dec


A little bit of fun with Blippar and our Experience Team. JWT London has created a truly unique and innovative way to showcase the agency’s latest showreel on the back of their business cards by using Blippar™, the first image-recognition app for smartphones targeted at brand-customer interaction.

Contextual advertising #Fail from Qantas

23 Nov

Just doing a bit a research and came across this little gem of a contextual network buy.

A Page 3 girl, Rankin and a WTF moment for Testicular Cancer Awareness

16 Sep

Definitely one for the boys…Lingerie model and page 3 girl Rhian Sugden shows us her raunchy side in this darkly seductive short film shot by world renowned photographer Rankin.

The “educational” viral “Rhian Touches herself” aims to eliminate the embarrassment surrounding young men – particularly 18-35 year olds – checking themselves and understanding the early signs for testicular cancer and has been produced by JWT London for MCAC. It’s already being picked up and talked about online, especially in places like Nuts Magazine – The Economist of Lads Mags…

Hopefully the “shock & awe” will drive viewers through to the charity’s website and it will also be supported by an ambient teaser campaign throughout London. Look out for the cards (and the QR codes).

MCAC was set up in 2005 by Patrick Cox, who had a testicular cancer scare during his early-30s. The charity aims to eliminate any stigma surrounding the idea of regular testicle examination and encourages young men to seek professional help.

Patrick Cox, Chief Executive at MCAC, said: “This is without doubt the boldest and most daring testicular cancer awareness video I have ever seen!  We are the bold and daring charity and we are hugely proud of this important film. Our aim is to educate young men about the need to check themselves for testicular cancer, a subject treated with a degree of awkwardness. By using our brand ambassador Rhian Sugden to dramatic effect we hope to cut-through the usual cancer messages that young men face”.

Go on. Share it and check yourself out.

Listerine Mouth vs Life – Youtube fun and games and Autoplaylists

10 Jun

Listerine Mouth vs Life YouTube Channel

What do you put your mouth through? Sucking pens, biting your nails and all those fizzy drinks? Yes, unfortunately I do.

Anyway, that’s the idea behind Mouth vs Life an interactive YouTube Channel from Listerine.

The experience encourages people to choose the different things they use their mouths for (not just eating and drinking), and then puts together a personalised information film; except this film has comical teeth and gums, with giant sized or multitudinous items fired in rapid succession at them. In one bit they even take a beating from a psychotic cupcake (our very own Joe Fox).

No one was hurt and we tested the weapons extensively

It’s fun.

It’s simple (no participation for participation sake, please upload a video of you performing brain surgery while stealing a sandwich and swishing your hair, or Like-Blocked Facebook FanPage/App with just the agency “Liking” it, and it’s not a piece of matching luggage even though I do think our new Listerine TV Ad is quite lovely) though it does get personalised on user interaction*.

*It is the first use of YouTube’s Auto-Playlist Functionality by a brand to create a video on the fly. Yep a First!!!**

**Even if it does stop the YouTube Public View Counts from updating…grr

Anyway, have a look. Hope you like it and the Warm-up clip below will haunt your dreams forever…

Well done to Paul B, Alex, Sarah, Joe, Yoni, Patrick, Matt, Saima, and loads of others at Listerine and JWT London. And here’s the Mouth vs Life Director’s Cut

10 trends for 2011 in 2.15mins

1 Dec

A little video intro to the JWTIntelligence 2011 Trends report…

Boris Bikes, Barclays & economic commentary from Westbourne Grove

17 Sep

It hasn’t taken long for people to start their own commentary on the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. Just waiting for someone to start pimping the bikes themselves.

How to build a website

23 Jul

Use string, bluetack and post-it notes…

A quick look at for #makeachartday

4 Jun

Everyone likes, the invite-only image bookmarking and sharing site – it’s great for inspiration or a little time-killing. It can also throw-up some “interesting” images in the stream…

Anyway, it thought I’d just document its little quirks for #makeachartday, the institution created by Bud Caddell and hosted by a different blogger every week. You can see this week’s entries here and a previous one of my contributions in the collection here.

Powerpoint is evil (another reason)

30 Apr

Another reason why I do presentations in Adobe Illustrator…