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Technological Innovation as a Knowledge Creation Process

12 Jun


What if innovation is really just a knowledge creation process? A thought inspired by the SECI model of knowledge creation by Ikujiro Nonaka (1995).

To see if it could work I ran it backwards, now to run it forwards. Or if you’d like to do it for me you can have the PDF below. Let me know…


2. Further convergence (2009 Trends)

17 Feb


  • Phones & Music & PDAs are already one. iPhone Apps store is the steroid-pumped evolution of convergence and personalization. Next step is phones as electronic wallets or banks and becoming the main method of payment. Perhaps even your keys? Google Gphone barcode scanner?
  • Mobile networks, handset makers becoming the media and comissioning content rather than the next slickly shallow microsite. Converged print, TV, radio, net business models in a bid to survive the advertising downturn.
  • Integrated, internet driven home entertainment, comms and gaming ==> out of kids bedroom.
  •  But be realistic…Do you really want your fridge to talk to your PC?

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