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Digital in the real world or the internet of things, Augmented Reality, RFID and Mobile

27 Jul

I’ve been doing a series of Augmented Reality meets RFID meets mobile workshops and seminars recently and thought I’d share the slides.

The good thing about this type of work and technology is that it slowly gets us away from the idea of “digital” being a distinct or separate medium. I think the problem is that once again we have allowed a useful encapsulation term – digital, social media, networking, UGC or earned media etc. – that we can use to explain a philosophy to clients to hijack the agenda. We labelled ourselves in the early days as a way of selling our services but the legacy is that we have encouraged people to think of it as a channel.

The new technologies are almost unrecognisable to the old 800×600 microsites that were a product of those cool, first generation “digital new media agencies”. Just like no-one thinks we are operating in a world of “new media” any more, we should stop thinking we are operating in a channel/sector called digital or social media.

It is just the reality of experience and marketing. It is what real people are doing now.

It was bound to happen eventually…a holodeck?

16 Apr

caveSc-Fi has inspired some great technology in the past and now the people at EON Reality have trumped some of the augmented reality experiments out there with their iCube. Their other experiments are great inspiration for those of us on a “screens are boring” kick on a grey Thursday afternoon… 

I can’t wait for my jet pack.


28 Feb

We had a good session about digital experiential/real world/installations this week and got to play with some augmented reality technologies and some other things we’ve been developing for clients (and just for fun).

Anyway in the spirit of digital reality crossovers I bought my girlfriend this little fellow the other day while queuing up to buy a copy of Alan Moore’s Black Dossier. Romantic geek gestures…or not.