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Tron never went away, he just drank too much Quatro

28 Jul

Tron Legacy is coming out (and is already going ARG-tastic, but with lawyers to kill the willing suspension of disbelief, got to love Disney?) but it will have to be pretty good to beat the pop-up version or this old advertising gem for Quatro (tasted like Lilt but with extra chemical-goodness)…

Tron in pop-up book form (and other digital pop-ups)

9 Apr

Pop-up is a dirty word in interactive circles, conjuring memories of those evil windows spawning at a rate of knots over your screen (or under it, I remember being forced at knifepoint to make one of those horrid Gekko things for the Post Office featuring an ant going snorkeling on his holidays. I still wake up in a cold sweat at night.)

But this is great. Tron in pop-up book form! What more could you want? I recently found it in the attic in my Dad’s house and still remember endlessly crashing the lightcycle into the wall as a kid. All for £1.50. Actually that was a lot in 1982 but nevermind.


Apparently they’re going to remake Tron as a full CGI spectacular, but they’ll never beat the pop-up version for sheer joy.

Anyway, my Tron book’s reappearance was a synchronous event with a new passion for pop-ups in creative circles. 

Visionaire magazine has always been at the forefront of beautiful publishing experiments and issue 55 is absolutely gorgeous. Engineered by Bruce Foster and featuring complex 3D environments built with classic pop-up techniques it is a real temptation even at $250.


But the pop-up fun doesn’t end there. We’ve also been busy here creating a luscious pop-up world out of Papervision for Baileys in the form of The Baileys Lounge, a place that rewards Baileys drinkers with content and offers in a beautiful experience.

Well done to Rob, Jose, Andre, Jo et all for their work and I’m looking forward to the new extended addition with richer content and a multi-lingual hybrid platform. But then I would get excited by sentences like that.

——– update ——-

The Baileys Lounge has now been featured on the Papervision Blog.