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Why does video seem longer on different devices?

1 Feb

A General (Media) Theory of Relativity or video seems longer on different devices

If you’ve ever shown someone a “hilarious” video clip you’ve just watched, you may have felt that nagging sensation. The “seriously this is great, honest, the good bit is coming up, god this is dragging, I swear it was over by now last time” Effect.

That quick 30 second viral suddenly seems like a James Cameron epic (maybe with more plot and characterisation but still soooo long).

I’ve always referenced this weird effect when asked that immortal question during almost every briefing: “how long can this be?”

Maybe the context and the device being used should dictate length more than any 60/30/15 second rule or the “it can be as long as it is interesting” statement? While standing at a train station trying to download and watch a YouTube clip on your phone it is amazing how long 11 seconds of a cat attacking a potato can seem.

Anyway rather than explain my theory every time I put together a quick diagram lovingly ripped off from an obscure physics theory no one has ever heard of…

A Page 3 girl, Rankin and a WTF moment for Testicular Cancer Awareness

16 Sep

Definitely one for the boys…Lingerie model and page 3 girl Rhian Sugden shows us her raunchy side in this darkly seductive short film shot by world renowned photographer Rankin.

The “educational” viral “Rhian Touches herself” aims to eliminate the embarrassment surrounding young men – particularly 18-35 year olds – checking themselves and understanding the early signs for testicular cancer and has been produced by JWT London for MCAC. It’s already being picked up and talked about online, especially in places like Nuts Magazine – The Economist of Lads Mags…

Hopefully the “shock & awe” will drive viewers through to the charity’s website and it will also be supported by an ambient teaser campaign throughout London. Look out for the cards (and the QR codes).

MCAC was set up in 2005 by Patrick Cox, who had a testicular cancer scare during his early-30s. The charity aims to eliminate any stigma surrounding the idea of regular testicle examination and encourages young men to seek professional help.

Patrick Cox, Chief Executive at MCAC, said: “This is without doubt the boldest and most daring testicular cancer awareness video I have ever seen!  We are the bold and daring charity and we are hugely proud of this important film. Our aim is to educate young men about the need to check themselves for testicular cancer, a subject treated with a degree of awkwardness. By using our brand ambassador Rhian Sugden to dramatic effect we hope to cut-through the usual cancer messages that young men face”.

Go on. Share it and check yourself out.

More interactive installations….

15 Oct


Razorfish_realworld_digitalRazorfish Retail interactive installation using Microsoft Surface (more on the Emerging Experiences Blog)

Beautiful organic animation with sand

13 Aug

Believe or not but this is the winner of the Ukranian version of the Got Talent franchise. Truly astounding, and what do we get? A nutjob warbling bad show-tunes?

Cooking with hair straighteners and other hair abuse

24 Jun

What do I know about hair that isn’t a nostalgic memory? Well, thanks to Dove and Rob and co I now know a lot more. They’ve just put together these two short films for Dove Heat Defence Therapy to show what hair styling tools can do…and that includes cooking an egg…

and doing some serious damage to candyfloss….

These films are to support the launch of Dove’s new Heat Defence Therapy range and in addition there’s lots of other films and stuff on http://www.dove.co.uk/heatdefence featuring hairdresser Jamie Brooks and some nice styling advice I can probably skip.

They’re not the first films we’ve done for Dove. In January we worked with British film maker Pinny Grylls to produce Intuition, a film short exploring womens’ first impressions of each other.

To inspire women to broaden their judgements of each other, the film shows how women will rightly or wrongly make assumptions about a person’s life. It’s a must-see if you’ve ever wondered how our looks can affect our lives and the way we react to others. If you missed it the first time around on the Dove website you can see it below.

Friday Video

12 Jun

4. Sitting back with broaderband (2009 Trends)

17 Feb

TV over the internet has been a theme for years and attempts at platforms have come and gone – mainly because they focused on the technology more the the content. But the content – thanks to the likes of the BBC and hulu – is finally here. The only thing that can hold it back is the infrastructure, will the recession/depression kill all investment in faster pipes?

  • Even faster net connections (50mb with 8mb as standard), not limited by wires around the house and DVD quality images and interactive iPTV (even YouTube and Vimeo in HD).
  • BBC iPlayer, hulu.com, ConnectTV & Joost already have people connecting PCs to TVs. Net connections can now be built into TV sets by default as the Canvas project among others (replacing the failed dream of Project Kangaroo) makes the convergence of TV and net an unstoppable mainstream force.
  • V.O.D being mainstream: “Sky+ it” to catch-up and control your viewing.
  •  The content is finally there at last, but can it be interactive, can it be original? Can the interactive elements be better than the nightmare clunkiness of the old Sky Active iTV?
  • Bebo is already known as the video social network after investing heavily in original programming and through the ability to “Channel Surf” pre-exisiting broadcast content. Brands and media owners can step into the gaps in the TV commissioning market caused by budget cuts.
  • Can we include the concept of “sitting back” to longer, immersive online/offline experiences like the Dark Knight Alternative Reality Game?
  • The Dark Knight ARG, like those of Cloverfield or Lost, bridged the gap between film narrative and web experience – can these campaigns point to a potential success with the old challenge of “a website that makes you cry” without resorting it a total video experience?

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