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Webinale 2010 – Speed of Now

4 Jun

I’ve just returned from an interesting 12 hours in Berlin at the 2010 Webinale.

I got to do a Keynote on the final day with the theme of “The Speed of Now” where I tried to – very quickly – thread a theme through some of the topics of mobile, real-time, augmented reality and new technologies that the Webinale and the many different speakers were covering.

Something I do want to share, and something that I got to touch on in the Keynote, is an idea about what I think is the role and challenge for brands is in the future now that attention has become the new battleground. The quote that I think best describes this is Danah Boyd’s:

“As a technologist, we all like ‘techno-utopia’, this is the great democratiser. Sure, we’ve made creation and distribution more available to anyone, but at the same time we’ve made those things irrelevant. Now the commodity isn’t distribution, it’s attention – and guess what? Who gets attention is still sitting on a power law curve…we’re not actually democratising the whole system – we’re just shifting the way in which we discriminate.” Danah Boyd, Microsoft Research Lab

In this way I think the role for brands in the future is to act as an Enabler AND Filter. At the moment a lot of brands are trying to act as Enablers but very few are acting as Filters – and I think that it is brands that can fulfill this role which will have a great advantage in the future.

Real-time customer service? Haven’t we been here before?

22 Mar

PDF versions and more diagrams and ideas can be downloaded from 2010 Digital Trends, Ideas and Technologies (Part 1)

Real-time in Romania

11 Mar

Just got back from snowy Bucharest in Romania where I was lucky enough to present at one of Orange’s Meet-up Events.

I have to thank Anca, her colleagues at Orange Romania (and it was good to see Vanessa again who flew over!) and the audience for making me feel really welcome plus the bloggers who have been really nice afterwards.

The presentation was the Real-time part of my 2010 Trends piece with a few extras and updates thrown in so if you want a few more diagrams about real-time customer service via Twitter and some more up-to-date graphs and examples you can find it below. The bad shirt can be found in a shop in London.

And I even got a Penguin for the team back in London.

2010 Digital Trends, Ideas and Technologies (Part 1)

5 Jan

Here is Part 1 (of 2, maybe 2 and a half) of our 2010 Digital Trends, Ideas and Technologies presentation that I finished off over Christmas. It’s based around 4 Themes, which are each broken into 2 areas of focus/exploration:

It is in Beta (or that’s my excuse for a couple of gaps) and draws on a lot of ideas from some interesting people who make the strategy and digital creative world a good place . I’ll be posting the full list of sources here but in the meantime any feedback, ideas or input is gratefully accepted.


Update: The presentation has now been voted onto the homepage and then chosen as a Top Presentation of the Day of Slideshare.net and picked for the homepage of noteandpoint.com. Thank you very much.